Wonder Woman Workout! –Hot belt and Hot Arms Sleeves to look like a super heroin

Keep reading! because we are totally into making you look like Gal Gadot in “Wonder Woman” and the best part of it, is that you are going to be wearing the Hot Belt and the Hot Arms Sleeves to boost your results, so! let’s get on to it, we have a super-hot body to sculpt!  

Wonder Woman Workout! –Hot belt and Hot Arms Sleeves to look like a super heroin

Gal Gadot’s immaculate body on Wonder Woman was and still is the aspirational body figure we all want, through 6 months of working out like a track star, our former model turned super hero got in shape for the role. We don’t have Gal’s trainers but we have Hot Shapers, routines and nutrition tips!

Hot Gear for sculpting your super hero body

Gear and Workout Routine

Start by wearing the Hot Shaper’s Hot belt and Hot Arm Sleeves (Did you see Gal’s waist line and biceps? We’re in for the kill!)

  1. First, we’re going to warm up for 5 minutes (jogging or gym machine), increasing your body temperature is key to reducing the risk of injuries and activates the Hot belt and the Hot arms sleeves function, making sweat and tone up the waist and bicep-triceps area.
  2. After a 5-minute warm up we’re moving to a 5 minutes 10 sec sprint / 50 easy pace on any exercise or machine, remember to use a proper technique to pump up the effect on your muscles.
  3. Rest for 1 minute and proceed to do a 30-meter Bear crawl (forward and back), after each segment do 3 push-ups and rest for 15 seconds, then go back and move to the next exercise (Feel the burn on that waist we’re sculpting with the Hot Belt!!)
  4. After 15 secs of rest, do another segment but this time do a burpee and a broad jump, 30 meters forward and 30 meters back, rest 15 seconds and move to the next exercise.
  5. Now a 30-meter segment forward of crab walking + 3 push-ups, go back, do another 3 push-ups and rest 15 seconds then move to the next exercise.
  6. General Pull-Up!: (If you don’t have a bar replace for burpees) 7 sets (3 reps) and 1 minute rest between sets (Make sure your Hot Arm Sleeves are on, we’re building a super hero body, feel that sweat!)
  7. Finish the routine with 5 sets (3 reps) push-ups.

Building results!

Food Tips

Look at this lovely advice by Gal: I’m a foodie and I love to eat. It’s important to look at food as your fuel. I look to food and want it to give me the best body I can be. Of course, I have bad things like burgers, chocolate or ice cream (…) I don’t restrict myself, I can eat anything. It’s all a matter of measurement. Just enjoy your food and don’t eat while you drive! or when you’re on the phone. Give your food the respect it deserves and enjoy it.”

Also remember to sleep no less than 6 hours (Resting is important for your body)

Now for the diet:

Mark and Thomas (Gal’s trainers) advice to have a good balance of:

- Water (1 gallon of water per day)

- Lean protein: 15 grams of fish, skinless chicken or turkey

- Green vegetables: Avocado, Kale, Mint leaves and/or celery

- Green Smoothies (a great way to consume vegetables like spinach, zucchini or cucumber which give your body high amounts of vitamin C and iron, plus it’s a natural way of detoxing)

Your food is your fuel!

So there you go, a healthy diet, track star workout routine and! Hot Shapers products to build the body of a wonder woman, get started and let us know how it goes for you!