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Which Hot Shapers Hot Arms is better for you?

With tank top season just around the corner, we tend to picture ourselves in fresh strappy blouses and flowy sundresses. What better to stroll around in the sun that showing off a pair of sexy lean arms?

Hot Shapers Hot Arms sleeves

To help you in your quest for lovely arms, Hot Shapers designed two types of Hot Sleeves that you can choose from. Both in neoprene and packed with our innovative Neotex smart fabric technology that increases your body temperature and makes you sweat inches away!

Hot Shapers Hot Arms sleeves

The (improved) Hot Arms

The classic fit, that many have already come to try and love, got a makeover! This model now features two velcro straps instead of one, so you can easily adjust it according to your size and shape.

Hot Shapers Hot Arms sleeves

To make the new Hot Shapers Hot Arms more comfortable, its shape got curvier so when you wrap it around, it adapts to your arms' natural shape. The triple-layered neotex fabric guaranties to make you sweat and absorb every drop, while also being gentle on your skin.

Oh and the pocket? Still, there, don't worry. You'll still be able to safely carry your phone or favorite device in the Hot Arms whenever you're working out.

Hot Arms Sleeves

Thin, sleek and comfortable. This new model of the Hot Arms is perfect to sit under your favorite tee and go pretty much unnoticed!

Hot Shapers Hot Arms sleeves

Designed to simply slide it up your arms (and stay there!), the Hot Arms Sleeves come in a wide range of sizes (XS to 4XL). Its soft neotex fabric is thinner than the Hot Arms and makes it perfect for mid-intensity training and daily low-impact workouts.

Hot Shapers Hot Arms sleeves

And if you're wondering, this one has the pocket as well! So, you can comfortably carry your fave portable device to your activities.

The Hot Shapers design team is always on top of every comment and suggestion our customers make about our products to constantly improve them. Offering fashionable, comfortable and functional garments that help you boost your workouts and make you feel great and motivate you to keep an active lifestyle, that is our main goal!