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3 Killer workout moves for a small waist

20-35 minutes of aerobic exercise like running, dancing, jump rope or rowing are great for trimming inches off your waist. Mix it with the right core exercises for tightening and toning your waistline, put on your Cami Hot to boost your body temperature and BAM! You're on your way to that sexy bombshell body.

Cami Hot and Instant Trainer for small waist

Ready to sweat for that itty-bitty waist?

Get your Cami Hot + Instant Trainer and let's get cracking with these 3 moves to have a smaller waist.

Flutter kicks

This intermediate exercise will get your lower abdomen working to get rid of that muffin top! These kicks are very easy but can have a great impact in your figure as they help you shed the extra fat from the belly, hips, and thighs.

flutter kicks for small waist

Pro tip: When you do flutter kicks, remember to go slowly and be mindful of your abdomen and clench those muscles to help you maintain your legs raised, this is what's going to make the exercise effective.


Possibly the most popular and one of the most feared exercises to flatten tummies, sculpting waists and forming lovely glutes, this bad boy is so good for you. It targets your deep transverse abdominal muscles, making it a good exercise for working your waist.1

planks for small waist

Pro tip: Be careful not to arch your back. Pull your abs in as you maintain the pose.

Contract your glutes to create a posterior tilt of the hips which will activate your abdominal muscles to a greater degree.

Try your best not to let your hips sag! If your position is not straight you won't get that core activation.


Fun fact about crunches: Peter Francis from the Biomechanics Lab at San Diego State University ranked reverse crunches, vertical leg crunches and the bicycle crunches as the most effective exercises for stimulating the muscles of the abdomen.

Plus, you get two workouts with bicycle crunches — a cardio HIIT and an ab burn. The lower body/upper body action means you’re hitting the entire abdominal wall. Bicycle crunches have been shown to fire the abs to a great degree.

Crunches for small waist

Pro Tip: Rest your hands on the floor and keep your neck relaxed. Bring yourself up by flexing only your abdominal muscles, keeping your chin slightly up. To reduce the strain potentially placed on your lower back by crunches, lie on the floor with your lower legs resting on a bench.

Having the right posture while performing these exercises is key to activating the right muscles and avoiding injuries. To keep your abs nice and tight and your back supported, don’t forget your Instant trainer should be snugly fastened around your waist.

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