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Fitness & Health Come in ALL Sizes

As you probably have seen, this month is all about plus size girls here at Hot Shapers because being a plus size girl is fabulous and we stand by that! Therefore, we have a little guide for you on how to be a healthy plus size girl because fitness & health come in all sizes!

Let’s start by saying that your BMI (Body Mass Index) doesn’t indicate how healthy you are! Everyone’s body is built differently which means that someone with a low BMI can have health issues while someone with a high BMI can be perfectly healthy (it’s not smart to judge someone’s health based on body size). Even though being overweight is associated to a high amount of illness’s, your best reference is taking care of your body with: regular checkups with the doctor, healthy food habits and exercising.

  1. Regular checkups with the Doctor
    Doctor, instructor, and nutritionist: this amazing team has the proper formation to help you stay or accomplish your best shape (inside and out), consult them to know what’s the health status of your body and what you need to do, in a pleasant way, to be a lively plus size girl who loves and accepts herself in a healthy way.
    Regular checkups with the Doctor
  2. Food habits
    There’s a few general tips that can come in handy when it comes to being healthy through your nutrition.
    • Start a food diary
      Get to know your body, find out what’s healthy for you and what’s not (when it comes to cheat meals some are more severe to your body than others, it depends on your body type).
    • Be easy with your body
      Don’t go extreme, eat what you love in a right-minded way
    • Check out your habits
      Eat only on established schedules. Don’t skip meals and eat suitable portions.
      Healthy food habits
    • Work on your emotions
      Don’t eat to satisfy or nullify negative emotions, such as anxiety, stress, depression, etc. work this with yoga or meditation.
  3. Fitness
    • Choose something you enjoy
      Physical activity is key, makes everything in your body work in the proper way and gives you an indescribable sensation of happiness & wellbeing. So, which one is it going to be…Swimming? Dancing? Walking with your dog? Roller skating? Take your pick!
      Physical activity
    • Get the right gear
      You are not going to like it if its uncomfortable. There might be thigh chaffing, boobs bouncing, clothes out of place and more. We want it to be fun and enjoyable so get a comfortable fitness outfit (try Hot Shapers, we take all of this into account).
    • Notice how good it feels
      Being active and healthy is meant to make you feel good, be aware of this.
And remember fitness & health come in all sizes!