The New and Improved Hot Belt is here! | Hot Shapers

The New and Improved Hot Belt is here!

The team behind Hot Shapers is always thinking on how to improve every product.

Hot Shapers design team
Hot Shapers design sketches

We constantly review and test new ways to make our garments comfortable, stylish, functional and maximize your workout with our special neotex fabric that traps heat in order to triple your sweat count.

Hot Shapers adjustments

To keep you on top of your game, here are a few changes we've made to the Hot Shapers Hot Belt:

Longer Fit

One of the first things our design team worked on was making the Hot belt a few inches longer so it would have better coverage of the areas you need to sweat. This modification on its design also prevents the belt from running and rolling at the edges (another big thing pointed out by our lovely customers!).

Hot Shapers binded edge

The rounded lower edge is perfect to keep everything in place and make you sweat, sweat, SWEAT while keeping it extra comfortable for you to wear wherever you’d like.

Hot Shapers binded edge

Binded edge

Next up, our team opted to add bias binding to the serged edge for a better feel and polished look.

Hot Shapers binded edge

The bias tape used was designed with a special fabric that allows it to stretch comfortably without losing shape. It also has a soft texture, so it feels gentile against your skin.

Hourglass figure

To help you shape the waist you want, now the Hot Belt has curves!

In our search to help our customers achieve the body they desire, we came across this design modification. The new curvy shape of the Hot Belt also allows for a better fit of your abdomen and puts the curves where you want them to be.

Get curves with the new Hot Belt

This new Hot Belt was especially thought for women and as such, we gave it a womanly shape.

We love to read your comments and reviews to make sure we're making quality, comfortable and stylish active wear to help you stay healthy and fit. So, we'd like to make a very special shout-out to every customer that helps us improve!