Well shaped and toned arms, a little hint for looking sexy always | Hot Shapers

Well shaped and toned arms, a little hint for looking sexy always

The Hot Shapers Hot Arms is a new easy way to shape your triceps and biceps during your workout routine. They are made of Neotex, a smart fabric that increases your body temperature adjusting to your arms and shaping your muscles. Try the Hot Shapers Hot Arms and get sexy arms while using it in daily activities such as:

During Cardio!

Sweating and burning calories is a key to having a sexy and toned body. More of our users told us, that they optimize their arms workout using their Hot Arms while they are using the stair or the climber machine at the gym. This kind of exercises can be intense but believe me it would maximize the potential of your arms routine.

Good Bye Biceps!

It’s essential to make a hard workout with your biceps, in order to get shape and sexy arms. The Hot Shapers Team recommends a very easy exercise with a ball: sit on a ball with hips low. Do bicep moves like curls and start counting up until fifteen seconds, relax your arms muscles and start again. The most important thing is to wear your Hot Arms to sweat and keep your arm muscles warm!

Now try with your Triceps!

Make tricep toners moves with a great common exercise like the 45-degree position. Exercise your arms using your Hot Arms. Don’t forget to include your favorite weights.

At your home or office, sit steady and fit!

Sitting at your desk all day with your Hot Arms on can be an opportunity to tone those arms. Try to keep your legs steady with your chair. This simple exercise will help you tone your biceps. Another easy exercise is using your laptop: pick it up and raise it up to the side, don’t forget to use your Hot Arms to maintain your muscles warm

Being a housewife!

Home activities are hard to do so why not burn more calories while you do them? Use Hot Shapers Hot Arms while cleaning the house, gardening, cooking and taking care of the kids. Burn up to four times as many calories as you normally would.

When the Hot Arms have contact with your skin it helps you sweat 3-5 times more and shapes your arm muscles at the same time. It helps maximize your workout in a comfortable and easy way. And don’t forget!!! the best part is that it absorbs sweat leaving you dry on the outside.

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