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Toned Legs and Slim Tummy

Lots of our Hot Shapers users are sharing with us daily the awesome results they are obtaining in their lower tummy and legs with our new product: the Capri Pants.

The Hot Shapers Capri Pants are new and easy way to shape your lower tummy and legs burning lots of calories through sweat. Our new product is made of Neotex, a smart fabric that increases your body temperature adjusting to your skin and molding your figure.

Try the Hot Shapers Capri Pants and get fit while using it on daily activities such as:

Yoga Classes: Yoga movements benefit your body to sculpt strong, lean legs and build strength. Our Hot Shapers Yoga Fan Team, recommend the following yoga poses using our new product Capri Pants:

  • The Chair: The yoga chair will strengthen your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calf muscles. This pose is very easy to do, it’s like sitting down in a chair and holding yourself up just before you sit. This is a great pose to feel warm and gain strength. Don’t forget to use your Capri Pants to maximize your sweating!
  • The Frog: This pose is a great strengthener and good stretch exercise. It is perfect to try it with your Hot Shapers Capri Pants. Place your feet like a “frog”, your back must be steady, contract your abdominal muscles and count in this position for 45 seconds. This yoga pose is highly recommended to activate your lower tummy and leg muscles. Try the froggy pose with your Capri Pants and be prepared to sweat a lot while you enjoy your yoga move.

At the gym: When the Capri Pants has contact with your skin it helps you sweat a lot and increase your lower tummy and leg workout in a comfortable and easy way. Remember that all our Hot Shapers products absorb sweat leaving you dry on the outside.

As an athleisure trendy pant, you can wear your Capri Pants with a stylish shirt, a colorful scarf, trendy glasses and beautiful jewelry, and look well dressed for your daily activities such as going shopping, hanging out with your friends, attending college classes or at your office.

But…do you know what’s the best of using our product? Well, let me tell you, while you are in all these places being very busy, you are also burning calories and losing weight in the most easy and comfortable way you can imagine! Use our Capri Pants under your clothes and no one will notice that you are wearing them. This product is made of a very thin Neotex layer and doesn’t have any zippers or buttons that are noticeable.

So… what are you waiting for? Start losing weight in an easy, comfortable and affordable way with Hot Shapers. Visit and start buying now!