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Power duo! Tips for using your Cami Hot + Waist Trainer

Put them on, sweat it out and get those curves you dream of. Easy, right? Trimming away those extra inches is a piece of cake with the Cami Hot and Waist Trainer.

Get the most out of your workout with the smart heating fabric technology in the Cami Hot while looking stylish and feeling comfortable. The Waist Trainer on top, cinches your waist, shaping it and helping you achieve better curves. It also keeps your posture straight the whole time you're exercising or just taking a stroll outside.

Fitting the Cami Hot + Waist Trainer correctly

Are you putting on your Hot Shapers the right way? It's easy!

To keep your Cami Hot fitting perfectly, always put it from your feet up (don't worry, it'll definitely pass your thighs and hips without a problem), then slide the straps up to your shoulders.

Like so:

Done? Beautiful!

Once you've got that done, next up is the Waist Trainer to cinch your waist.

First, place it on top of your Cami hot, around the back of your torso.

Bring the elastic sides to the front of your abdomen

And snugly secure the Waist Trainer with its high-performance velcro band by pressing the right side over the left one.

Now, you're ready to start sweating your way into your perfect shape!

Maximize your calorie-burn with Neotex

Hot Shapers special fabric helps you lose weight by increasing your body temperature!

With its smart fabric technology, Neotex was designed to promote body heat and make you sweat just where you want to, while absorbing everything so you can keep comfortable and dry during workouts and daily routines. Nothing can stop you from achieving the body you want!

Eating a clean diet, doing cardio exercise and pairing your Hot Shapers products to your weekly routine can boost your weight loss! Also, remember to drink a healthy amount of water daily to help your body detox while you sweat.