Lazy workouts for super lazy days!

Skipping the gym doesn’t mean that you lose track of your goals, weight loss and getting in shape is possible by exercising at home. We all have lazy days!

Lazy workouts for super lazy days!

First of all, define your day:

A. Lazy B.Super lazy

Once again, we all have those days… just remember, the key is to keep going! And lucky for you Hot Shapers has the solutions for the lazy and even for the super lazy days! So, don’t worry you won’t lose your progress even on your laziest days (obviously this won’t be as effective as gym a workout session, Pilates, Smart cycling, cardio etc.)!

A. Lazy days

For a lazy day at home workout routine actually comes in handy, let’s get on with it!

  • Leave the TV on in the meantime.
  • Warm up with 5 minutes of butt kickers and jumping jacks.
    Butt Kickers For Lazy Days
    Jumping Jacks for Lazy Days
  • Someone knocked on the door? Are you going to the bathroom? 10 walking lunges for each trip!
    Walking Lunges for Lazy Days
  • Use the bed or the couch for 3 sets of 10 inclined push ups
    Inclined Push Ups for Lazy Days
  • Finish with 10 reps of: push up position, then alternate touching your shoulder with the opposite hand with raising your knee to your abs while in this position.
    Push Up Touching Shoulder - Exercise for Lazy Days



  • Wear garments with Neotex technology (to get extra help)

    Garments with Neotex technology

  • Download the Female Fitness app, it has a lot of routines with no special equipment required and includes health tips!

B. Super lazy days

  • Go for a long conversation: Call your bestie and take a walk for around 10 to 15 minutes, it’s up to you to leave the house or walk in circles.

    Take a walk with your bestie

  • Try some burpees, do 10 at any random time of the day.
    Burpees for Lazy Days
  • Jog your way to every activity. Commercials? Jog to the kitchen for a healthy snack!
    Jog Exercise for Lazy Days
  • Finish your super lazy day with 3 sets of 10 squats!

Tips: Wear garments with Neotex technology (To get extra help)

Cami Hot Women - Neotex Technology