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Mom’s easy workout routine – Get in shape post pregnancy!

Happy Mother’s Day from Hot Shapers!

With all of our heart we want you to have an unbelievable day, being a mother is one of the most beautiful aspects of life.

Moms have to sacrifice a lot to bring life into this world, including their amazing beautiful bodies. Which is a little bit sad, but today as a gift for you, Hot shapers wants you to use our best items and learn how to get in shape after pregnancy.

Tone up your legs!

First thing you need to know is that after having a baby your body has to recover from 9 months of extra labor so take it easy and make sure to consult any exercise routine or diet with your Doctor. The general rule is to wait around 6 weeks before hitting the gym (specially if you didn’t work out regularly before pregnancy and also if you had a caesarean birth and/or complications during labor).

3 Exercises to start getting back in shape (+ a little help from your outfit)
  1. Walk | Tone up your legs! – Wear the Hot Shapers Capri Pants
    Simple and healthy, perfect to regain your shape in a secure easy way. Try walking for 30 minutes and pay close attention to what you feel, your body knows best. If you feel like you can, alternate with light jogging.
  1. Chest Fly | Light arms workout – Wear the Hot Shapers Hot Arms Sleeves
    Lie on your back, knees bent. Extend your arms horizontally and slowly close them (elbows slightly bent) as if you are hugging a large tree, (add light weight by holding something in your hands if you feel like it) end the movement by closing your arms in a straight line, arms parallel to each other in front of your chest, then repeat (3 sets – 10 reps)
  1. Kegels | Legs and torso – Wear the Hot Shapers Cami Hot
    Sit on a bench, hands on your hips, stretch out and slightly elevate one leg while you are sitting on the opposite leg/glute, now stand up (on the leg you are sitting on) and contract your pelvic muscles then alternate your legs. (Both legs = 1 rep. 1-3 sets, 10 reps)

Wear the Hot Shapers outfit

Let us know how it goes! And remember to have approval of your doctor. If it makes you feel better, remember that you are going to be receiving extra help from your Hot Shapers outfit!

Happy Mother’s Day!