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5 tips to balance a job-friendly fitness lifestyle!

Skipping today’s workout and forgetting about your hot healthy bod? Oh no girl!

Yes, priorities go first and at this point you must be saying that some days there isn’t time for everything…half-true! But, lets focus on the other half that gives us fitness benefits, shall we?

Tip #1 Adaptation: Every day is different so, if you couldn’t make it to the gym, try a home routine or jogging with your dog! Changes can happen! And, if there are no changes to your daily routine, make the best of your original schedule.

Try a home routine

Tip #2 Planning and Improving: Write a plan, have a schedule and know for sure that changes might happen, but document your schedules and your changes anyway. You need to know how to manage your time, this is key to really balance the attention levels you need for work and your personal life. Determine specific times for each activity and test these to know for sure how much time you really need for each activity and how much time you’re wasting. Remember to jot everything down!

Planning and Improving

Tip #3 Know your strengths: For every difficult day there’s a solution. Focus on your strengths and create an answer from there. If you are an active person take a short jog around your park, if you are a morning person hit the gym before starting your day, if you are creative try new ideas for a workout routine, trust yourself based on your skills!

Focus on your strengths

Tip #4 Intensity: Increase the intensity of any workout activity to make up time in the case of having less time than usual.
Increase the intensity of any workout activity

Tip #5: Take care of your mood: Sleep well (no less than 6 hours and a maximum of 8 hours in general terms) and have fun! Your mood can seriously stimulate your performance in every activity, making you more productive and smart enough to take clever decisions about possible changes that might come up.

Take care of your mood

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