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How To Get More Out of Your Workout Routine!

Make the best of any workout routine!

You deserve your workout results, consider the following tips to maximize them:

  1. Warm up & stretch

    Remember to let your body know that you’re about to start a physical activity. This means that before starting a low-mid or high intensity workout, you need to start with a few basic exercises to activate your general body and the specific body areas that you are about to target. This will help you avoid any injuries.

    After you finish, remember to stretch your muscles to help them feel light and relaxed, avoiding carrying out the natural tension of any exercising activity.
    Exercising is great for your body

  2. Don’t work out if you’re sick!

    Some people might say that working out can help you “sweat” any illness. This is completely untrue, you must give your body time to heal. Try to eat vegetables and fruits to help your body with natural nutrients. Don’t over force your body while recovering as this will only make any illness worse. Retake any exercising activities when you feel ready.
    Get well before working out

  3. Rest well

    Your body needs to rest after a long day of work and even more if you worked out during the day. Remember to sleep no less than 6 hours or even 7 if you want your body to be fully recovered from a previous workout routine.
    Recovery is highly important for you fitness goals

  4. Feel it to shape it!

    If you want to get in shape… Work-IT out! Give your best at spinning class, jogging, dancing or weight lifting! Just remember to understand your body and know your limits to learn when you actually need 15 minutes more or when its ok to stop.
    Get to know your body, what he likes and what he doesn’t like


    Your body loves to make the most of any workout routine! So, keep up with your favorite routines but remember to try other exercises you haven’t done before like cycling, dancing or roller skating! Trying new exercises keeps your body on the edge and gives you even better results.
    New exercising experiences

Remember to rock any activity you choose and have fun!