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21 Easy Tips to Start this New Year

We’ve hit jackpot. And that’s 2021.

The world is a very strange place at the moment, which is why for me 2021 means: looking for a new normality. I’m sure most of us can agree that 2020 didn’t do us much justice. Now, IT IS time to press refresh and start off the new year hopeful, stronger with new challenges and goals.

So, for this 2021 we wanna share with you some bonus things you can easily add into your life to make a change. Here are: 21 Easy Tips to Start this New Year

  • 1. Drink Green Tea

    Drink Green Tea

    Green Tea is one of the healthier beverages you can drink. It is not only low in calories but is also packed with nutrients and antioxidants. People who drink green tea are prone to live longer and have a lower risk of heart disease. One of our favorites is Dr.Ming tea!
  • 2. Ask for Black Coffee

    Coffee: everyone’s #1 best friend. Nut adding in sugar, milk, and cream means that your coffee may be sneaking in extra calories your diet doesn’t need.
  • 3. Always Keep Healthy Snacks in Close

    Our worst enemy: cravings. We all get food cravings on a regular basis so in order to fight these just add in a healthy snack into your best, bag, purse and car to help fight those cravings when you’re on the go.
  • 4. Practice Mindful Eating

    Mindful eating helps you pay closer attention to what you’re eating, why you’re eating it and how fast you’re eating. Some tips for mindful eating are: eat food slowly, chew thoroughly, focus on how you feel when you’re eating, put you phone away.
  • 5. Add Lemon into your Water

    You’re body benefits from lemon water in ways you can’t even imagine. This simple action promotes hydration, supports weight loss, improves skin appearance, and aids in digestion.
  • 6. Meditate. Before bed

    We know that stressful days may turn into sleepless nights. Dedicate five-ten minutes to meditation. It’ll help your body and mind de-stress down for a better night of sleep.
  • 7. Turn off Tech

    Turn off Tech

    With all the online buzz and gossip it’s hard to turn off your notifications on your phone. To help you stay focused on what you’re doing simply set you’re phone on do not disturb until you have finished.
  • 8. Set Realistic Goals

    Setting goals is a great way to grow. Just make sure they’re realistic. One thing we recommend doing is before the start of each week write down five-ten things you wish you accomplish for the week.
  • 9. Treat Yourself to a Vacation

    Treat Yourself to a Vacation

    “I don’t have time”, is the excuse we hear way too often. We all need a break one way or the other. So, remember: taking a vacation and getting much-deserved time off will help you be healthier, happier and more productive.
  • 10. Keep Good Company

    You can do all the right things but If you have personal relationships with people who have unhealthy habits, it all goes to the drain. It’ll almost feel like you’re taking 2 steps forward but 10 steps back. The healthiest people are those who have relationships with other healthy people.
  • 11. Get a Good’s Night Sleep

    We all have some trouble sleeping so it’s important to try relaxation techniques like yoga or mediation. You can even sneak in a bedtime snack like milk. oatmeal, cherries, or tea.
  • 12. Fill up with Protein

    Protein lasts a long time in your belly so once you combine it with high-fiber foods, you’ll feel full on fewer calories.
  • 13. Have a Positive Attitude

    Do your best to look at the good in life. You must believe in yourself, have a good support system and think positively.
  • 14. Use Good Workout Gear

    Use Good Workout Gear

    With a good workout comes good workout GEAR! Sweat more and achieve stronger, faster, and long-lasting results using Cami Hot Waist Cincher + Waist Trainer!
  • 15. Focus on Self-Care

    The first thing you should think of everyday as soon as waking up is: “what is one thing I can do today for ME that would make this day GREAT”.
  • 16. Try New Foods

    Replace one thing you would normally eat with a new fruit or vegetable.
  • 17. Know your Limits

    Be honest with yourself about what works for you and what doesn’t.
  • 18. Eat More Plants

    Eat More Plants

    Making one change in your diet can change your life as a whole. Switch your go-to foods to beans, lentils, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. This change will increase your fiber, vitamin, mineral, and healthy fat intake.
  • 19. Save Room for Two More Bites

    This habit leads to a slow and steady weight loss by the extra calories you’re saving up and it also teaches you to pay more attention and listen to your body.
  • 20. Think Small

    Focus on one small unhealthy habit and turn it into a healthy positive habit.
  • 21. Connect with YOU

    Take time to connect with what makes you happiest in life.

Well, we can all agree that 2021 is definitely gonna be a year of change!