Why our customers love Hot Shapers

Tameka Williams

Tameka is one of our top girls, she is an inspiring woman that uses Hot shapers to support her fitness body goals and encourages other women to do the same. She believes in goals that are full of faith, dedication and effort.

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Hot Shapers - Why Our Customers Love Hot Shapers

Loving this workout enhancer and #SlimmingGel from @hotshapersThe slight tingle also helps with the mind-body connection needed to get the most from your workouts. Perfect addition to your routine.

Hot Shapers - Why Our Customers Love Hot Shapers

Mis @hotshapers me acompañaron en esta Aventura hasta el Hollywood Sign 🙌

Hot Shapers - Why Our Customers Love Hot Shapers

Check out this @hotshapers body shaper cami. This innovative material makes you #sweatmore to lose calories and shapes your waist. I like how it can be worn over any type of tank or bra and is specially designed to raise your body temperature while you're exercising. There are no uncomfortable zippers or buttons and it fits like a second skin. Another plus is that it can be worn under clothing while your just running around doing errands.

Hot Shapers - Why Our Customers Love Hot Shapers

Here’s what to wear for a perfect waistline👌🏽The Cami Hot with Waist Trainer Kit will help you to get that goal! It makes you sweat more and feel satisfied after working out 💪🏽

Hot Shapers - Why Our Customers Love Hot Shapers

Running into Summer with @hotshapers “Hot Arms” 💪🏽 When it comes to targeting specific body parts like my arms, it can be very difficult. I can’t wait to shed the weight off my arms & tone it up with these bad boys 💪🏽 It makes you sweat more & shapes your arms. Also, it’s extremely comfortable & flexible. Now you can’t go wrong with that! 📸💪🏽

Hot Shapers - Why Our Customers Love Hot Shapers

Putting in WORK 😈👊🏼 ok but guys if you’re already sweating you might as well take it to the next level amiright?? 💪🏼😅 This cami from @hotshapers makes you SWEAT so your waist can get SNATCHED.

Hot Shapers - Why Our Customers Love Hot Shapers

Love the sweat and love the shape this @hotshapers Hot Belt gives me!

Hot Shapers - Why Our Customers Love Hot Shapers

LADIES!! Okay so I tried this Hot Belt for Women because I felt that my old waist trainer hasn’t really been doing much for me anymore other than constricting my breathing 🥵 BUT this here Women Hot Belt from @hotshapers definitely does what it is designed to - and that is to make you SWEAT more 💦, it is so comfy and flexible and perfectly hugs and shapes your waist to give you that hourglass figure ⏳ look as well! And my fellow Yogis who love their high waisted leggings as much as myself, don’t worry because look just how

Hot Shapers - Why Our Customers Love Hot Shapers

Step up your game with the ultimate two-in-one body shaping kit from @hotshapers 😍 This combination of their Hot Cami with the Waist Trainer is seriously a game changer!! 🙌🏻 It’s neotex neoprene thermal technology increases body temperature, making you burn more calories and sweat 4x to 10x more than you normally would!😍😍

Hot Shapers - Why Our Customers Love Hot Shapers

Ready to achieve my dream waist with my new Hot Shapers Hot Belt! I love that even with at home workouts I can feel and see my body getting toned. 🔥

Hot Shapers - Why Our Customers Love Hot Shapers

When you're a stay at home mom its hard to get your workout in so you have to improvise! I ran up and down the stairs this morning to work up my sweat 💦 Thanks to my @hotshapers hot belt with waist trainer I increased my sweat and calorie burn🙀 🤸‍♀️Makes you sweat more🤸‍♀️Extremely comfortable and flexible 🤸‍♀️Shapes your figure (yay slimmer

Hot Shapers - Why Our Customers Love Hot Shapers

My new Hot shape from @HotShapers I’m absolutely happy 😃 to do my work out with my new hot shape Because that is Extremely comfortable and flexible Shapes my figure, arms, waist, tummy))) Has incredible design and nicely material


Getting back into a workout routine and breaking a good sweat has me feeling good! 💃 I want to be the healthiest, fittest version of myself and I'm loving how my Cami Hot from @hotshapers not only flattens my stomach and shapes my waist but is comfortable because it's flexible, stays in place no matter how I move and makes me break a sweat!💦💪

Hot Shapers - Why Our Customers Love Hot Shapers

ready to sweat my heart out  @hotshapers

Hot Shapers - Why Our Customers Love Hot Shapers

How does my 🍑 look? 😝 I’ve now incorporated squats into my daily physical therapy. In the past, my exercises were exclusively focused on my arm, which can be a hard reminder of the long journey ahead. But now I’ve added some other exercises for my whole body to mix it up a bit and acknowledge that my physical health isn’t just my arm. I’m wearing these @hotshapersthermal leggings to help me get the most out of being active, no matter how big or small, since they are designed to promote sweating and increase calorie burn.

Hot Shapers - Why Our Customers Love Hot Shapers

Love these pants! Only thing I don't like is the swooshing sound! But they help me sweat! I wear them 3 x a week when I walk. I just got one size bigger to be on safe side

Hot Shapers - Why Our Customers Love Hot Shapers

My new #CamiHotWaistCincher actually helps me tone and shape my waist while I work out! 🔥🏃🏻‍♀️ Let's get it👟 

Hot Shapers - Why Our Customers Love Hot Shapers

How do you get ready for your #weddingday?! |@hotshapers is extremely comfortable and flexible! ✨💪🏽


I am a huge fan of sculpting belts and this one is by far my new favorite one. I love the support it provides. I can feel instantly how it is shaping my figure, flattening my stomach and shrinking my waist.


@hotshapers is my new workout partner 💪🏼 this waist trainer is extremely comfortable and flexible, makes you sweat more & shapes your figure! •Increased sweat •Calories burned •Seamless design •Tones abs •Weight loss •Slender silhouette


My Hot shapers finally arrived, I love how it covers all of my back,this will be my best friend while I work out La mejor faja que cubre la espalda y te hace sudar mientras haces ejercicios, mi mejor amiga😉


Ok friends, HALF🏈TIME🏈SHOW PSA! Let me tell you a thing or two about this #hotshapers tank right here. Not only does it make you SWEAT 💦 like a BO$$, but it also fits like a glove and is super comfortable! I usually only wear sports bras to workout because cotton shirts typically bother my and rub on my stomach, but this tank fits my figure so well that it doesn’t bother me at all. Plus, as you sweat, it has a cooling effect ❄️ that feels so good when you’re in the heat 🔥 of your workout!


I really love the comfort of working out in my own home and there is no other way to do it than with my Hot Shapers Cami Hot with Instant Trainer! Its flexible, form fitting, comfortable, and boy oh boy do you work up a sweat like no other!! The extra support and snugness around your waist really trains your waist and helps you achieve the hourglass shape your looking for!! I highly recommend this product


In an effort to sprinkle in some more fitness/health into my feed I wanted to show you guys this thing I’ve been using to increase sweating while working out 🏋🏼‍♀️ it’s called the @hotshapers Hot Belt with Waist Trainer, basically it keeps in all the heat around your core to increase sweating while also shaping your waist! I LOVE it! The way it hugs my waist reminds me to keep my abs engaged throughout my workout which is definitely an added plus 😊


Because I WANT to sweat (sweating is so good for you and key to regulating your body during workouts) I started wearing a @hotshapers hot belt. • Literally just a comfortable, flexible neoprene belt that makes me sweat like crazy, which feels AMAZING.💦 (and no weird hot gel to smear on)


Monday / Lunes de arrancar la semana con todo 💪. Busca un tiempito para hacer ejercicio así sea en tu casa, al aire libre, en el gym, haciendo una clase o actividad que te guste 🙌. Y por supuesto con cualquiera de mis rutinas no me faltan mis @hotshapers 🔥 Que moldea mi figura y me hace sudar el doble 💦🔥💪🏃‍♀️🍃.


It’s very hard to take a picture smiling after you’re sweating & panting this hard 😅💪🏼 This @hotshapers Hot Belt does not play around. The fit is flexible & comfortable (not like other stiff waist trainers I’ve tried in the past). & reeeeallly makes you sweat 💦 !


Hey girls, if you’re working out and are obsessed with ab work outs like me, You want this! There’s different type so you don’t necessarily have to get this one. It shapes to your figure, they’re extremely comfortable and flexible and did I mention it makes you sweat like crazy? 💦

I want to jump into 2019 with better practices for contouring around my abdomen and discovered @hotshapers Hot Cami and trainer belt. The Cami makes you sweat immediately as it’s made with “wetsuit-like” material and the belt adjusts so that it’s comfortable to workout in.


🌍Buenos días y feliz inició de semana. Qué hoy, ni nunca te falte la bendición de Dios🌍


I’m ready to get these abs 💪 wearing my new Hot Belt from @hotshapers during my workouts is going get this waist snatched!


Taking my workout to the next level with @hotshapers 💪🏼 This Cami Hot Waist Cincher is so thin and comfortable you forget you are wearing it! It really makes you sweat and burn extra calories with Neotex Technology. I wear it to Pilates, when I go for a run and even exercising at home. It’s a game changer 🙌🏼


Did you get everything you wanted on your Christmas list? Naughty or nice list... I was definitely on the nice list 😇 LOL. Got everything I wanted & more 📝🎁♥️


the first thing on my list includes getting back into fitness regularly and making it a priority in my daily routine! With my new waist trainer from @hotshapers I’m able to do sweat it out & do my workouts while getting that ‘hourglass’ figure! 🏃🏻‍♀️ I encourage y’all to at least try to become a better version of yourself and do whatever it takes to be HAPPY.


I used to be a five days a week gym goer, now I’ve become once a week or even less 🙈🙈
For now, the only reason I look like I have small abs is because of waist trainers! The amount of sweat after working out with them is RIDICULOUS. I personally think they just give you more resistance, so to take your work out game one step up, try this hot shapers instant waist trainer and let me know your thoughts!! I’ve been inspired to get back in the gym, new year resolution perhaps?


What are your New Year’s resolutions? One of mine is to focus more on health and fitness! @HotShapers hot belt with instant trainer is helping me sweat up to 10x more, burning more calories with each workout! Definitely the most comfy waist trainer out there too. 🏃🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️


To take it to the next level, I am now using @hotshapers to help shape my midsection...the area I have the biggest challenge with. ⏳ . These make you #sweat and train your shape. 👏🏻


I am totally loving my @hotshapers #camihotwaistcincher. It is not only helping my tone my stubborn c-section belly, but also my back and under arms. ➖ • Sweat 4x to 10x more • Neotex technology • Improved appearance of cellulite • Increased calorie burn • Reduced waist circumference • Feeling of general well-being


A good stretch followed by a good sweat. The hot shaper increases calorie burn, improves appearance of cellulite and helps you sweat 4x- 10x more. It has even helped with my terrible posture... This came into my life at the perfect time with New Years resolutions right around the corner and a wedding 6 months out 🙈


My new fave thing is this shapewear from @hotshapers! Their Neotex technology makes your midsection sweat 4-10 times more than usual during workouts to help tone & shape your midsection!


I managed to partner up with @hotshapersand they sent me these sick “hot arm sleeves” to help burn fat and target specific areas (that would be arms for me). 💪🏼🔛🎯


My new fave thing is this shapewear from @hotshapers! Their Neotex technology makes your midsection sweat 4-10 times more than usual during workouts to help tone & shape your midsection!


Después de la maternidad ha sido bien difícil mantenerme activa. Sin embargo, trato de hacerlo en mis tiempos libres. Y les cuento que he comenzado a usar @hotshapers que además de ayudarme a quemar mas calorías 🔥 y sudar 💦 mucho más, me hace sentirme super bien 👍, pues puedo presumir mi cintura de reloj de arena ⏳😂😂😂


Move over Superman! This is my secret weapon (and one of my favorite fitness gadgets). The hot belt and instant trainer by @hotshapers is seriously like having superpowers during your workouts. The combination makes you sweat up to 10X more along with burning extra calories. Added bonus? Helps with posture during weight training too. 🔥 tip: I like to add a hot cream for extra toning.


I’ve been enjoying using my @hotshapers At the gym 😃


This by far is the most comfortable workout gear I have ever used. I love it. It makes me sweat tons during my workouts and I only notice it once I take it off after the gym. It has been great to me so thank you!


I bought this product because I wanted something that would help me keep my posture and lost belly fat, this cami has been great for both. I can use it all day or at the gym. It is super comfortable and fits me perfectly!


Does the job, fits perfect, true to size. Doesn't ride up either. Increase in sweat 5x more then w/o. Totally recommend it for stimulating weight loss around mid section but not so much for waist training. The belt kinda makes your fat rolls pop out at the bottom.


🔥 Perfect solution for getting back to shape after a huge Friendsgiving meal 😉 


Con @hotshapers 🔥 es perfecto mi entrenamiento 🏋️‍♀️ Ya que me ayuda a sudar más y a moldear mi figura


I LOVE the Cami Hot Waist Cincher! Material feels good and is super comfortable, especially when working out! And it definitely will have the sweat dripping, yet nobody at the gym will be able to tell! I highly recommend.


I absolutely LOVE it 😍
I have tried a lot of different brands of waist trainers and I have yet to find one as comfortable as this, i was sweating profusely during my workout and it felt so amazing. I could actually move around and breathe and do all the normal things I would without feeling constrained”


This product is great. I bought it a couple months ago and I love it. I personally feel this has helped me lose even more weight. I also love the quality


This belt makes me sweat within minutes of putting it on. It’s true to size, keeps its shape, and does not irritate my skin at all. I wear it while doing chores around the house to get that extra burn in. The trainer doesn’t get loose or fall off randomly. It’s strong and supportive.


Trying to get that hourglass figure with my @hotshapers waist cincher


Feeling motivated and strong✨💪
It is always better to train wearing my shapers👌🔥


My new workout partner: @hotshapers
The Neotex technology makes my midsection sweat more than usual during my workouts to help tone and shape my stubborn midsection. Unlike most corsets, there are no spines, so movement is never inhibited!


Cara lavada (No soportó hacer ejercicio con maquillaje) y con todo el equipo que me ayuda a mantenerme en forma Capris, Faja y Bandas de brazo de @hotshapers para sudar más y tonificar. 


I found these awesome slimming arm sleeves by @hotshapersThey definitely help me to get my sweat on and I feel like I'm extra athletic looking when I'm wearing them 😂💁💪You should try them! 


With 3 littles, fitting in a workout can be tough these days - although I’m still taking it easy, only being #7weekspostpartum and all🤱🏼 One of my newest favorite workout accessories - besides baby Kaia, of course?! My @hotshapers Hot Belt with Instant Trainer! 


"What the mind can conceive and believe, and the heart desire, you can get it."

Gracias por la prenda de hacer ejercicios, recomendados 💯 @hotshapers 💪🏽


I use my @hotshapers for everything I do including cleaning my house to sweat, sweat, sweat! Girls it works, it’s comfortable, and affordable!