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Top 5 Gifts to Take Care of Mom’s Health on Her Day

9 months, 273 days, 6470 hours.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Oh, to be a mom. From spending endless episodes of nausea, cramps, and pains to dipping hot cheetos in yogurt and having peanut butter with oreo’s, I think we can all agree that moms deserve it all. But mom, let’s be real hard does that post-partum hit? From spending endless hours at the gym, cycling, running, and doing your day-to-day errands to then having to start all over due to post pregnancy is probably one of the suckiest feeling am I right?

Well, mom…. meet your new 5 best friends. But, before introducing you to them I wanna run one step back and tell you about the importance of training at least 1 hour a day. Not only does it keep us ladies fit and strong but damn! Do I love how I feel after I get a good workout in. I swear my serotonin goes through the roof. Besides from a good mood exercising for one hour a day is also good for your health, heart, body, sleep, weight loss, and even helps you concentrate better! Anyways, you get the point. The benefits of training for one hour a day are endless but the products we’re about to show you aren’t.

We have the best Mother’s Day gifts coming your way and trust me, for this one you’re gonna wanna keep reading. Mother’s Day in my eyes is pretty much every day but this one day was meant for you so why not receive the best Mother’s Day presents?

  • 1. The Ultimate Body Slimming Kit 2.0

    1-	woman exercising with her Hot Shapers the ultimate body slimming kit 2.0Yup. Designed to do just as the title said, slim down. This kit is by far the best way to lose weight and don’t even get me started on how fast you’ll see the results. From having a waist trainer, to workout pants, to even having arm sleeves to slim your arms, this kit has it all. It covers and target your body from head to toe leaving you completely drenched after a workout.

  • 2. Immune

    healthy woman taking immune by Hot VitaTalk about boosting in your immune system. No energy after a long day? Boom, problem solved. Take one scoop of this 1,200 mg Vitamin C magic supercharging powder and you’ll be up and running like your day has just started again. Immune’s designed to boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, and prevent sickness all in one bottle.

  • 3. Youth Collagen & Turmeric

    healthy woman taking her YOUTH by Hot Vita collagenWanna give yourself that young, youthful, glow? Work on your inner and outer beauty with Youth Collagen & Turmeric! This unflavored powder is loaded up with beauty vitamins and nutrients that focus on restoring, strengthening and rejuvenating yourself from within. It supports healthier hair skin and nails, promotes weight loss, and strengthens your muscles and joints. This product is a big bonus in your beauty routine.

  • 4. Dr. Ming Slimming Tea

    Woman drinking tea to lose weight by Dr. Ming TeaOk, ladies. This tea really does work wonders. Dr. Ming has literally changed and transformed my body. It’s packed natural ingredients that speeds up metabolism, boost energy, reduce appetite, anti-bloat and promote fat burn. You won’t believe the slimming results you’ll get when drinking this tea and needless to say how DELICIOUS it tastes. You won’t regret this one babes.

  • 5. Fusion Board

    Woman exercising at home with her fusion boardAlright so, I know how hard it is for us to make it to the gym everyday having work or kids so I’m taking care of bringing the gym to you. Fusion Board is basically an at home gym that tones, shapes, and firms your entire body into your ideal body figure. It brings 200+ exercises with it, 70 lbs. of resistance, and every workout piece you’ll need leaving you to do pretty much any fitness exercises you want. This slimming board is really some next level sh*t.

Ok wow, I know I may have given you a lot of information up there, but these products have too much to brag about. Trust me, I especially know how difficult it is to get the beauty and fitness results you want while either having to work all day or take care of kids. But trust me ladies, these Mother’s Day presents are ones you won’t regret getting and definitely don’t wanna live without.

Happy Mother’s Day Hot Mama’s!

I hope you’ve liked reading this as much as I liked writing it for you!

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