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How Ballet Dancer Uses Hot Shapers To Train

Celine, a 19 year old ballet dancer, won the 2018 National Ballet Competition. She and 29 other ballet dancers of the entire country participate to win a unique place at The Royal Ballet School in the UK, the best ballet school in the world!

During her interview with national media, she proudly said that she won this international scholarship thanks to her discipline and the healthy habits which she maintains. She promotes exercise in teenagers around the country to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

These are 3 tips that Celine recommends for all of us. She follows her own tips as well. She complemented them using some of our Hot Shapers products:

1. Cardio exercise

Start your workout with Zumba or cardio movements for at least 40 minutes daily. Complement your workouts with Cami Hot to increase sweating and burn more calories.

2. Stretching Yoga moves

This is excellent for stretching your muscles. Yoga is not only great for relaxation, but it is excellent for your health. Hot Belt's smart fabric flexes with your every movement.

3. Some Pilates

Embrace your strength skills and shape your muscles. Hot Shapers keeps your muscles warm during workouts reducing the risk of injury. T

“Enjoy doing exercise with your family and friends. Exercise brings you discipline, passion and a fit body” -Celine.