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3 Tips to keep running (even when you don't want to)

They say starting is the hardest part but the one who said that probably never had a problem with traffic, bad weather, a long day, cramps and an endless list of other things that can just straight up mess up your schedule.

It's fairly safe to assume there are days when we just don't feel like doing anything. Even the most hardcore runners have days they don't feel like going out for a jog (seriously, they do) but there are a few ways to trick yourself into going out for a run.

Schedule ahead

The important thing is to make a commitment to running. Think of it as an appointment with the doctor. Put it down into your planner, your google calendar or whatever other way you like to organize your day but commit to always finding a time slot for running.

When to run

Are you a morning runner or an evening runner? Maybe you still haven't tried both schedules to see which one is better for you. You can even mix it up by running some days in the morning and others in the evening, depending on your daily routine and work schedule.

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Prepare your gear

Lay out your clothes, shoes, water bottle, download a killer playlist filled with motivational running jams, anything you need to go out and set yourself in motion. This will reduce the time you need to get ready, hence giving you less time to think about staying in, plus it serves as a nice visual incentive and reminder.

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As life gets busy and days seem to get shorter, staying active isn't just a matter of looking great and staying fit but also keeping healthy. The benefits of exercising include reducing stress, improving self-confidence, giving you a boost of happy chemicals, prevent cognitive decline and sharpen your memory!

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Get your running shoes, get moving, get active and start feeling invincible.